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a dog sitting on top of a taroti card with the words, the pitbu
This would be great on a t-shirt!
a cross with numbers and the words connect to the divine feminine and your true self spread
Numerology’s Birth Chart and Missing Numbers – Things Lacking in Your Life
Connection to Divine feminine tarot spread
a card with a skeleton on it and the words fake smiles in front of it
the bees knees playing card with two bees on it's back and an ornate border around
Reading, Wicca, Healing
This Shit is Not Working Spread
Oracle Tarot, Tarot Card Spreads
an image of a skeleton playing with some kind of electronic device in front of fire
a card with a skeleton on it and a unicorn in the middle, surrounded by stars
a poem written in the language tarot tricks with two snails on top of each other
Tarot Ideas Inspiration Tutorial Learn Tarot Easy Beginner