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U.S.S. Defender Top View by calamitySi on DeviantArt

U.S.S. Defender NX-85301 Design notes The U.S.S. Defender was launched in 2410 after an attack on Deep Space Nine by an alien species known as the ... U.S.S. Defender Top View


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Starmada: Klingon Armada cover by Adam-Turner on DeviantArt

Klingons face Star Fleet head-on Starmada: Klingon Armada cover

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The Starships Enterprise by davemetlesits on DeviantArt

Yo, , I did it! Meshes are properties of their respective creators The Starships Enterprise

Starfleet Warrior Vessels by SeekHim on DeviantArt

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Starfleet ships

carlithiel: “ Captain’s log, stardate 41365.9 The Enterprise has been ordered to Starbase 74, in orbit around Tarsas Three. ”

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Endurance at Warp 7 by Euel on DeviantArt

A "Diligent" class ship… I think I'll keep her. Endurance at Warp 7

Diligent at Warp by Nova1701dms on DeviantArt

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70s Sci-Fi Art

Eddie Jones

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CONTINUAL FIRE ALL PHASERS!! by robindbobin on DeviantArt

the ambassador design by andy probert, rendered by tobias richter CONTINUAL FIRE ALL PHASERS!!

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Chandley Smashed by Colourbrand on DeviantArt

I do not know if many are/were aware of in the late 1980's of the FASA RPG of Star Trek. It was considered "canon" until TNG appeared and well blew it a... Chandley Smashed

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)

Michael Dorn and Brent Spiner in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)

Starfleet ships


Captain's log 39 cover by Adam-Turner on DeviantArt

Captain's log #39 cover art. Picture is from the issue's fiction story. Captain's log 39 cover