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From Genis Carreras' series ‘Philographics’, big ideas in simple shapes: Holism.

Dissociative Identity Disorder, Mental disorders - Patrick Smith

Taboo e dialoghi: nella mente delle persone

Mental disorders visualized in six minimalist posters - Dissociative Identity Desorder by Patrick Smith

Atomism - Genis Carreras

Atoms are made up of empty space. I don't believe, therefore, that atoms make up the smallest matter, I just don't. Philographics: Big ideas in simple shapes by Genis Carreras

anonymous, bauhaus

Lot: Poster by Anonymous - bauhaus, Lot Number: Starting Bid: Auctioneer: Van Sabben Auctions, Auction: Van Sabben Poster Auctions, Poster Auction Date: November 2008 UTC

Genis Carreras, Emotivism, Philographics II

La filosofia diventa grafica con Genis Carreras

Genis Carreras, Emotivism, Philographics II

Come raffigurare, con un unico simbolo, i vari stadi della storia dell'Arte! Ci ha pensato l'artista francese Outmane Amahou, in questi fantastici poster.

De Stijl, Minimalist Posters about the Major Art Movements by Outmane Amahou

Genis Carreras - Philographics - Vitalism.jpg

Based in London, the graphic designer Genis Carreras did the series “Philographics” in which he illustrates different philosophic movements such as

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Graphic Icons: Jan Tschichold line splits/ separates the image area horizontally Positioned Off centre dot / point creates dynamism