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HW Link

HW Link

Link actually looks pretty darn gosh good in this

I'm so busy doing, err. well, all sorts of fabulous villain stuff! ~ Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Humor

Link is forever a sleepy boi

Link is forever a sleepy boi

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Princess Zelda

Zelda Hyrule Warriors official art - Release September only for WiiU - Princess Zelda in her new design will be playable!

Link, bring the dog back! <---NO! I will take it with me on my adventure!  Sooooon. I'll glitch my wii and take the dog with me.

Link loves carrying the dogs and cats! I remember I would spend hours running around castle town with that dog!

That's me when my friends point out how short I am


Haha oh gosh all Legend of Zelda fans need to see this! It's called Racing for Rupees, look it up!

Zelda Facts - of course the timeline has been more or less sorted out via "Hyrule Historia" (which I have yet to get boo hoo)

Zelda Facts One incorrect fact is that an official timeline has not been released. On has, in fact, been released in "Hyrule Historia.