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Fun activity to introduce students to basic proofs, although this particular example is extremely sexist. I would replace girls with something else, maybe cars, or college.

On social interactions: | 22 Pictures That Hit A Little Too Close To Home

On social interactions:

And that's the most social interaction I've had all week!

Find the next number of the sequence1, 3, 5, 7, ?Correct solution217341because wheni8*11 x- 90555 X + 6332885 x - 452773 X+ 217331f(l)=lf(2)=3f(3)=5veryloqicwowf(4)=7many maths^_wow,auto,9gag

Solving Math problems like a boss.

Science!! - Imgur


This should clear things up a bit.

i wouldn't even be mad if i saw this on a tip

24 Reasons You Are Definitely A Geek

You'd have to be irrational to not celebrate Pi Day! Especially when there is real pie involved. So check out these π-fect jokes, and celebrate every year. Because Pi Day is infinite.

Pretty much! lol----haha @Deanna Marozas and this is partially why we are bff's!

Teenager Posts Of The Week!

Teenager Post Single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive.

Oh my goodness

National holy crap you're hot day


Drops food on floor

Woah! Truly amazing ❤

Funny pictures about It's Seriously Unbelievable. Oh, and cool pics about It's Seriously Unbelievable. Also, It's Seriously Unbelievable photos.


My bank balance.



rhinos are just fat unicorns, maybe if appreciated them more. they would reveal their mystical powers. If we give them the time & attention they deserve, as well as a diet, they'd reveal their mystical ways powers.

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This timely reference to pop culture / 24 Notes That Are Sassier Than You (via BuzzFeed)

24 Notes That Are Sassier Than You

This is awesome considering I just barely made it into my spot because my "asshat" neighbor parks in hers and then another car parks straight behind hers! ASSHAT maybe?

If I run you better run for your life

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broom lane

Halloween Novelty Decorative Two-sided Sign - No Parking Broom Lane/Witch Parking Only

New York vs Boston Poor @Lauren Davison Bassie and Bostons non grid city plan

Funny pictures about New York vs. Oh, and cool pics about New York vs. Also, New York vs.