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Daily motivation (25 photos)

So true! I love cooking healthy for my man and my girls. Having fun cooking, working out with my man. Who knew working out would become my Addiction.


In my I kept hearing frm my frnds & fam: "why do u buy all these expensive ORGANIC food & drinks? they're probably not all that much healthier. Well, I'm proud to say I'm healthier & much younger looking than my age.

It& also ok to give into cravings just eat in moderation. Don& go order the biggest cheese burger with all the fixins or eat a whole pan of double fudge brownies.


So how do you get your mind in shape? You tell yourself you are already the person you want to be! As you go through your day tell yourself Im eating healthy because this is what a person whos lost 30 pounds does. As you go to workout tell yourself I wo