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Irja and Iben in an Autumn pose by nemi1968

Irja and Iben in an Autumn pose - Irja (to the left) and Iben (to the right) are 4 months old Eurasian lynx sisters.


The serval is a medium-sized African wild cat. Our Savannah cats are part serval.

What a beautiful cat! from a Quora question on new species discovered since 2000

Newly discovered species of leopard with largest fangs in cat world. Long thought to be identical to the clouded leopards living on mainland South East Asia, genetic analysis has shown that the Bornean big cat is in fact a separate species. So beautiful!

Look At These Caracal Kittens - they are adorable!

Look At These Caracal Kittens

Caracal cats are the result of the African Golden Cat & the Serval crossing at one point in history. It ranges from W & S Asia into Pakistan, Turkey & Africa; is heaviest of all small-medium sz wild cats. Not related to the Lynx.


The Iberian lynx, brought back from the brink of extinction by a team of dedicated biologists in Spain.- I now wish to travel to Spain to see one of these guys, I just love those eyes

baby lynx

~~Curious ~ bobcat cub by Megan Lorenz~~ /Amazingly beautiful EL.

~~Lynx Portrait by generalstussner~~

Quite a weather change, compared to yesterdays shot. This lynx here enjpyed the winter sun as it was eyeing me :-) Thank you all for your views, comments and faves!

The name caracal comes from the Turkish word ‘karakalak’ which means ‘a black ear.’ It is a medium-sized animal native to the deserts and savannahs of Africa, Central Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and the Caspian Sea coast.

Important Facts About Caracal Pet You Need To Know

The Caracal (aka desert lynx) is a wild cat widely distributed across Africa, central Asia and SW Asia into India. The felid is considered threatened in north Africa, and rare in the central Asian republics and India.

Mooie foto van een linx.

phototoartguy: Lynx Portrait posted by permission of Mario Moreno From Mario “A portrait of an Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx) Image taken at Cabarceno Nature Park in Cantabria, Spain. More information about Mario: mariomorenophotog.

Mom's love

"The embrace” by Stephan Brauchli is a wonderful photograph of a lioness mother and her cub.

Jelena Z -

Snow Leopard Family at Marwell Zoo. Irina's cubs born 2013 in Marwell Wildlife, UK. Photographed by British Photographer Jason Brown.

The Little Ones Never Sit Still Long Enough

The Little Ones Never Sit Still Long Enough

This photo is a favorite of my Mom. I'm so glad she picked me. She could have picked out a cat for her BFF. But she chose me. ME! I like the Lion's reflection. I like the baby.