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We Need to Talk About Kevin (Lynne Ramsay)

Movie Poster Remake: We Need To Talk About Kevin Don't know if I could sit through this movie again, due to the disturbing subject. Kevin is scary.

답답하고 묵직한 스토리지만....세상의 다른 시각의 이야기를 듣려주네요. 정말 우리는 케빈에 대하여 이야기를 할 필요가 있습니다. ★★★☆

We Need to Talk About Kevin, Lynne Ramsay, 2011 with Tilda Swinton

"We Need to Talk About Kevin" in red via tumblr

We Need to Talk About Kevin Look at the way red is used here to suggest violence, even when nothing violent is happening on screen. It tells the audience that violence is about to happen and that over all this is a violent film.

Prayers For Bobby

Prayers For Bobby

O minimalismo é uma arte de transmitir muito, com pouco, já tivemos alguns posts aqui com inúmeras artes dessas como: Pôsteres Minimalistas da Dinsey, Pôsteres Minimalistas de Game of Thrones e até algumas Propagandas Minimalistas. Mas dessa vez trouxe alguns posterês de filmes nessa versão, da uma olhada

50 Pôsteres Minimalistas de Filmes

moonrise kingdom poster Tonight’s Feature Presentation 365 Film Challenge: Movie night at Lara’s. This Wes Anderson week has lasted the better part of the month cause I’m such a slacker.

On the Road - Livros importados na Amazon.com.br

On the Road - directed by Walter Salles based on the generation defining novel by Jack Kerouac - 2012