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Negative Space Art by Tang Yau Hoong. How can we use negative space to really develop a larger overall artwork?

Bonjour French hello greeting modern home by GraphicAnthology

Bonjour home decor art print, French modern typography, red and blue, ON SALE!

"Two seconds to spot are two seconds too late."  I love the design around this piece of awareness.

The Support Centers Union for Victims of Sexual Assault in Israel "Two seconds to spot", Mccann Erickson, Tel Aviv

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Illustrations by Tang Yau Hoong


Avinoam 'Noma' Bar is an Israel-born artist and graphic designer renowned for his negative space artworks that have adorned the covers of over 100 magazine


“I am after the maximum communication with minimum elements”, says designer Noma Bar of the aim behind his clever prints. Though his art is minimal in deta

Negative Space Art by Tang Yau Hoong | Bored Panda

Negative Space Art by Tang Yau Hoong

Malaysian illustrator Tang Yau Hoong cleverly uses negative space to create fascinating illustrations that make you stop and think for a while.

alter egos

Alter Ego - Selina / Catwoman - Batman Returns Anne did a great job, but Pfeiffer was the bees knees.

Snake !!!

The contribution of Polish poster art has been substantive. Notice the graphic simplicity and simple direct iconic imagery.

멋쟁이 신사 나가신다 ~ 길을 비켜라 ㅋ

Tang Yau Hoong is a talented graphic artist, designer, and illustrator who loves simplistic design. Enjoy the inspiration! The Art of Negative Space

The Paradoxical Illustrations Of Naolito

The Paradoxical Illustrations Of Naolito

Deviant art user Naolito creates whimsical and quirky illustrations that make you think.

KAGADATO | RUSLAN KAHNOVICH selection. The best in the world. Illustrations. **************************************

Electricity is a T Shirt designed by StevenToang to illustrate your life and is available at Design By Humans

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I thought these minimalistic illustrations were creative and clever. ‘The Art of Negative Space’ are illustrations by Malaysian graphic designer Tang Yau Hoong. He uses the negative space to tell stories or communicate certain ideas.