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Mexico's Hidden Beach - How to Visit Las Islas Marietas on a Budget

The Best Way To Do Las Islas Marietas On A Budget

I’ve been travelling to Puerto Vallarta for over 10 years now and, even though a visit to Las Islas Marietas (the Marieta islands) was always on ‘the list’

White sandy beach and sparkling blue water not enough? Easy day trips from Playa Del Carmen, MX will have you looking at ancient Mayan ruins, swimming with turtles or discovering underground rivers and much more!

Playa Del Carmen Side Trips - Yes You Should!

Side Trips from Playa Del Carmen Mexico. If you need more than the beach sand and sun, add a day swimming with the turtles, discovering ancient ruins or finding an underground river.

Las Caletas: a piece of paradise, to be found only in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta is known for its endless beautiful beaches. Puerto Vallarta has it all. One of its most known beaches is Playa de los Muertos.

We spent three months in Puerto Vallarta. Here's our picks for the best to see, do and eat.

Best Of Puerto Vallarta

We spent three months in Puerto Vallarta exploring this popular Mexican beach destination. Here's our picks for the best places to eat, drink, relax, have fun and exercise. via /livedreamdiscov/

Hidden Beach at Playa Del Amor. Vallarta.

World's most idyllic bomb site: Hidden beach created by giant blast from Mexican government during target practice is now a stunning strip of sand

Travel Information: The Hidden Beach - Marieta Islands, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico >>> I would love to take a dip here! We have been to Puerto Vallarta several times but never to this place! Maybe because it is hidden!

Passports, permits, currency and cabanas - everything you need to help you travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: http://livesharetravel.com/13952/how-to-travel-to-puerto-vallarta/

How to travel to Puerto Vallarta

Beautiful beaches, charming locals, fantastic food, a vibrant nightlife and heaps of culture all make travel to Puerto Vallarta an unforgettable experience.

Puerto Vallarta, JAL, Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - The hidden cave beach was the highlight of Mexico for me. For my video footage of this beach, search "Mexico Hidden Cave Beach" on YouTube!

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