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I loved it so much. Kinda makes me wish Thor had been in Civil War. I understand why he wasn't, of course, but still. I feel like Thor of all people would've helped Steve calm down enough (Tony too!) so that everything could be worked out properly.

That last one tho 😂😂 steve rogers captain america thor odinson avengers marvel mcu

I honestly don't think that would happen... '-_-

I honestly don't think that would happen... '-_-

Soon the Scouts's moms have to make appointments to have their troop sell, well lets face it, anything. Pepper tries to vary the organizations every day to avoid triggering on any non-"special" day. Jarvis tells her if the appointments would trigger anyone in particular. Heros learn to call ahead if they aren't expected.

Steve absolutely would NOT grumble about the prices! He probably buys all the boy scouts popcorn too.

The beautiful Hayley Atwell shipping saga

The beautiful Hayley Atwell shipping saga. I love that Chris Evans approves!

changing my wifi pronto

What are the chances? Either those people have a sense of humor or they are marvel fans with a sense of humor!

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Loki is me. King Duncan is my grandpa( not sure how many greats but yea sooo im royalty if I had power I'd prob be doing what Loki is in this- Lainey Kuipers