Animated Crouwel by MuirMcNeil

Client: the Wim Crouwel exhibition at the Design Museum. The color use is very limited which gives the poster a very soft feeling in contrast to the harsh edges and repeating small squares.

Wim Crouwel / Stedelijk Museum / Vormgevers / Poster / 1968

1968 Wim Crouwel was already experimenting with 'computerfonts' in his New Alphabet of 'Vormgevers' Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

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Victor Vasarely - Eridan II (1956)

Victor Vasarely - Eridan II I really like the bold sharp edges in this optical illusion


Legendary London-based graphic design studio MuirMcNeil have recently released four new geometric type systems along with an accompanying collection of limited-edition, silk-screened typographic posters.

Wim Crouwel : Design Is History

Wim Crouwel : Design Is History