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Anonymous said: If Sam and Dean weren’t brothers, jensen would be totally fine with a sam/dean relationship. He’s closer to Jared than he could ever be with Misha. Misha is the reason why Jensen.


gycasc: “ dean-is-bi-till-the-day-i-die: “ winjennster: “ cinderfels: “ ‘The Profound Bond’ - A new romantic comedy starring Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins. When Federal Agent Dean Winchester gets.

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photo by ephraim. Ackles, Collins, stop that this instant.

Misha and Jensen probably someones photo op.. The things these guys do for fans...

Misha and Jensen probably someones photo op. The things these guys do for fans.

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HonCon 2017 "I can't believe they have us doing that position in the Impala. I mean, I know you're flexible Misha, but damn.' 'That's nothing, wait until you get to page thirty-three.

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