The cloud embroidery sampler is a great way to try out a number of needlework stitches to fill in shapes. Available as a PDF download, printed fabric pattern and complete embroidery kit ⛅

Modern Sampler Embroidery Kit, Clouds Embroidery Kit, Contemporary Needlework Kit, DIY Nursery Decor, DIY Gift For Her, Hoop Art Set

Izziyana fantail stitch via the red thread

Fantail embroidery stitch - love the use of colours would look great used for interiors pr a bed spread:

Along Stitch Lines - embroidered trees using different stitches for each example. Cool idea for a sampler.

Along Stitch Lines: The 15 Trees with Tina Turner - embroidered trees using different stitches for each example

Французький вузлик SKRYNYA.UA — Handmade ярмарок України

Embroidered French knots, to make hearts, would look lovely on blank white blocks between printed blocks in a quilt or as a design on a throw pillow.

This is a really relaxing kit to stitch with only two stitches. It's a really good one for a beginner or someone who would like a simple project

Mindfulness Embroidery Kit, Relaxing Project, DIY Craft Kit, Fish Pond Hoop Art, Gift For Her, Learn to Sew, Hand Embroidery Set, DIY Gift

Im a little bit obsessed with little satin stitched fishies. They feature in both the Pond and Splashing in the Waves embroidery kits