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Cheapskate Santa.

Have a laugh at these hilariously rude Christmas cards. Beware some offensive, foul language - very funny and very rude xmas cards - they were never meant fo.


Should we try a different position tonight? Sure, Why don't you stand by the ironing board while I sit on the sofa and fart. How's that sound? Well I guess I will just find my position over there on the sofa.

PeaCe off! ;)

fuck you neighbor ~T~ My husband and I were at a Child Development conference and my sister snapped a picture of my husband with Mr. Rodgers after he opened the conference. He really had a funny sense of humor. Who knew?

Hope my baby says this to me someday hahahah kidding.

Mommy when I grow up I wanna be a total bitch just like you. Lol like mother like daughter

Haha holly

Your best friend is the one that will hold your hair out of the way after a night of hard partying. And I will be there no matter how old you get.Happy Birthday to my best friend Louise Mecurio.

What do you say?

I normally don't post stuff with cussing but this is sooooo freaken funny I have to share I must lmaoooo