Carroll Borland as Luna in Mark of the Vampire (1935) A great little gem of a film, with a twist at the end. (minkshmink)

Carroll Borland, The Mark of the Vampire Photo by Clarence Sinclair Bull (MGM). Photo by Clarence Sinclair Bull (MGM).

"Mark of the Vampire" (1935) - Luna (Carroll Borland) and Irena (Elizabeth Allan) - Publicity still

Tod Browning's " Mark Of The Vampire " ( 1935 ) starring Carroll Borland (in the photo )Details at the link.

Ms.Maila Nurmi-She put the VA in Vampira and that waist

Maila Nurmi- Vampira (not ALL vampires come from Transylvania)

Blue Haze

This reminds me of young Princess Liesbeth of the House of Sempesh. The Sanguinex have been cursed for 500 winters, to eternally thirst for blood, which they claim from their Faerie serfs. Sanguinex also possess golden eyes, which can hypnotise.

Kurt Barlow

Kurt Barlow ‘Salems Lot “That above all else. No matter what noises or dreadful possibilities, no matter how awful the unknown, there was an even worse thing: to look the Gorgon in the face.

Bela Lugosi ~~ 1935 Mark of the Vampire, colourised by Maria-Musikka

Bela Lugosi as Count Mora, with Carroll Borland, in Mark of the Vampire - colorized - updated Bela Lugosi ~~ 1935 ~~ colourised

the fearless vampire killers, sharon tate.

Sharon Tate while shooting "Fearless vampire killers" by Roman Polanski.