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He was supposed to be checking his nails but I forgot he had gloves, so let’s jus say he’s doing that on purpose cause that’s how extra he is.

Do I think Pidge would actually do this? Yes, yes I do. Canonize all the things

Honestly the part of this post talking about pidge being in the vents made me think of ezra bridger from star wars rebels cuz he's always in air vents 😂

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Fab Misunderstood Royals With Issues(Thranduil,Lotor,Loki Aka The Holy Trinity) - III. pics/GIFs with Prince Lotor

Paladins and their lions

Paladins and their lions

May @VLD S5 SPOILERS (@halloweeninmay_) | Twitter

May @VLD S5 SPOILERS (@halloweeninmay_) | Twitter

Prince Lotor the evil Galra Prince as a rock and roll singer star from Voltron Legendary Defender

Triangle-art-jw- Julie Wright - This is why we can’t have nice things. I enjoyed.