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I have been always fascinated by Greek Orphism and Pythagoreanism. For this reason I decided to draw the most well-known symbol of the orphic

Illustration of a Black Snake by Helena Forde (Scott)

Illustration by Helena Forde (Scott) of the Black Snake, plate 13 from Snakes of Australia by Gerard Krefft. This book was illustrated by Harriet Scott and Helena Forde (Scott) and published in Sydney,

Tortrix and Boa Snakes 1834 Engraved Cuvier Reptile Print Plate 25

Tortrix and Boa Snakes 1834 Engraved Cuvier Reptile Print Plate 25

[Plates] - The animal kingdom, arranged according to its organization, serving as a foundation for the natural history of animals : - Biodiversity Heritage Library

phoenix - open your eyes - free your mind

drawing art draw eye hand tattoo flowers open your eyes symbol mason pyramid freemason free your mind

Julius Bonasoni, "Mercurius" (with his signs Gemini and Virgo), 16th century

AstroSpirit / Virgo ♍ / Earth / Vierge / Julius Bonasoni, "Mercurius" (with his signs Gemini and Virgo), century

orphic egg

I am the Beast I Worhsip One of the pieces to the puzzle for potential poster design.

In the keen Celtic mind, snake symbolic meaning of transformation came from the shedding of its skin. Physical evidence of leaving its form behind (casting off the old self), and emerging a sleeker, newer version made the snake a powerful symbol of rebirth and renewal.

1785 snakes original antique reptile engraving no. 2 year of the snake

Ouroboros: An ancient symbol frequently used in alchemical illustrations to symbolize the circular nature of the alchemist's opus. Often represents self-reflexitivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly recreating itself.

Rachel Walker

Rachel Walker, New Zealand watercolour, spray paint, pen and ink artist creating splashy celebrations of native and rare animals.

Between 1617 and 1621 the English physician and polymath Robert Fludd published his masterwork Utriusque Cosmi, a book split into two volumes and packed with over 60 intricate engravings.

Engravings of Robert Fludd relating to Astrology, Alchemy, and fortune-telling.

Things that Quicken the Heart: Circles - Mandalas - Radial Symmetry V / Sacred Geometry <3

Ouroboros is traditionally depicted as a serpent or dragon swallowing its own tail, resulting in a circle. The ouroboros is regarded as a symbol of infinity and renewal. It has also been used as a symbol for totality, mercury, and truth.