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You laughed out loud when you first saw those hilarious yoga dogs, you couldn't stop staring at those cute yoga kittens, and now you're wondering what's ne

U will only get this if u are a trucker! Oh SWIFT...

This dog acting silly while waiting for you to get his treat. This dog who wants you to know he thinks you’re cute! This dog who thinks you are HILARIOUS! This dog who feels absolutely nothing about you. This dog who just found out you’re still holding …

Yoga Dogs by colleen.libby.12

Doggy Yoga Teacher Trainer Bodhi Sattva just graduated his first pack of Yoga Teachers.

dogs doing gymnastics - Google Search

The ruff guide to yoga: Rescued cats and dogs pictured pulling the purrfect poses

It just needs downward dog ;)  Yoga Inspiration

and many more Yoga Dogs on this link.Cream Siberian Husky looks like my dog named Shila. Do yoga in the mornings sometimes, and she will do some also.

Rescue dog turned painter

The Dog Artist - Rescued from an animal shelter, Arbor's paintings raise money for animal charities.