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it's an american -tumblr

All Americans are swathed in a flag in utero.


Very very very extremely awesome coincidence of the american sky at night<<<< whatchoo talkin 'bout? thats every night over at my house <<< Are there some places in America where the sky doesn't look like this at sunset?

I touch ur foods when you no look

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I can not believe someone has disgraced our beautiful country by only having one eagle

Only 13 eagles? We no longer have 13 colonies, there are 50 states so all true Americans have 50 eagles

No you really have no idea how much I laughed, my mom got mad at me. oh my goodness this is honestly the best thing ever

'I thought those were its legs'

I thought so too, person whom I don't know. I thought so too. I just shaved, touch my leg. - ( bird with long legs) I'm laughing so hard

By: Volleyball Beauty♛ ♡ (VolleyballBeaut)

21 Sims Reactions For Everyday Situations

Why the long face, Sim? Is cooking really that much of an ordeal?