Coffee Latte Foam Art of Saturn and the Solar System is served on on the USS Enterprise of Star Trek fame.

Frosty The CoffeeMan -  wonderful skill in coffee art

Latte Art is a method of preparing coffee created by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso and resulting in a pattern or design .

Snowflake.  What talent for this coffee art some Barisstas have.

Fantastic Pieces of Latte Art No Two are Alike Every snowflake is unique, and the same is true with latte art. A hot cup of joe is just what we all need during the winter months, and this makes it much more festive.

Funny pictures about Salvador Dali Coffee. Oh, and cool pics about Salvador Dali Coffee. Also, Salvador Dali Coffee.

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Cafe con arte! - Taringa!

Cafe con arte!

Coffee Art I can do this! :D Tanna Coffee appreciates all forms of Latte art/ coffee art and we use it for our own inspiration here in the factory where you can see the coffee roasted and freshly made by our skilled baristas.

一筆書きからひらめいた お花のラテアート     この方法なら 冷めないうちにササ~ッと素早く描けますよ  (注)音楽が流れます     ◆ラテレシピ  豆:カルディー カフェジーニョ 2杯どりで16g グラインダーと挽き具合:ポダムのビストロでMAX細かくから1/2目盛も...

If someone made me this I'm not sure if I would ever drink it. It's too pretty to drink!

snail )

30 Cool and Amazing Latte Art Photos - A cup of coffee is always good, especially if it comes decorated like this. Collection of 30 most amazing and cool coffee latte art examples.