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Cloud Book - Papiermier

CLOUD BOOK - NUUNA // A brilliant cloudy book, featuring a hardcover with cotton-soft cover material, 192 pages made of light roughly drawing paper, 100 pictures with different kind of cloud-formations and an elastic band in neon-orange.

Kevin Steel

The Movable Book of Letterforms by Kevin Steele. Digital print on Mohawk Superfine cover. movable parts cut and assembled by hand.

Love this transparent book...By Matilda Huang ......Feel the Poem in a Foreign City  Looks like an excuse to get the laminater out. I find laminating soooo satisfying.....is that weird? Anyway a clear book with tiny treasures trapped in the pages...I love! Can you image all the things you could add ,butterfly wings, thread, feathers, tickets......a lock of hair. I'm going to check if there is a 'We love laminating' page on Facebook! Oh dear!

Sweet Mess: Artist books and visual journals. Clear pages with sewn edges. this would be an interesting idea to include in an otherwise "normal" handmade book.

A Cloud. Using various textured papers and different shades of white, A Cloud is a beautiful story about the formation and ever-changing shapes of clouds. This hardcover die-cut book is by Katsumi Komagata, an award-winning Japanese graphic designer, and comes complete with English translations.

"A Cloud" is a book by Katsumi Komagata. Depth and shadow is created through the use of multiple textured paper stocks that vary in shades of white. The layering of the cut out forms reflect the ever-changing formation and shape of clouds over a day.

You are my kaleidoscope by Serene Ng.

"You Are my kaleidoscope" by Serene Ng - Embroidered handmade book design.

Chicago Octet, by Marlene Maccallum. Hand bound artist’s book with folded paper structure, letterpress and inkjet printing. 2014

Chicago Octet, by Marlene Maccallum. Hand bound artist’s book with folded paper structure, letterpress and inkjet printing.

Haley Nagy -   Illuminations.  Flag book with encaustic & handmade cotton paper laminates.

Haley Nagy - flag book of densely fused, encaustic paper laminations, which glow when turned I like the way the material (paint maybe) has been splatted.

Big like for Antonio Ladrillo and his dots-lines-colors books !

Lines : Éditions du livre Antonio Ladrillo, 2014 24 pages, 133 x 130 mm Fluorescent quadrichromy on Shiro Echo 160 g softcover on Brossulin XT 360 g Red Singer sewing thread Copper embossed credits 12 euros

Repurposing old books!

amygaertner: “ The Book Origami of Isaac Salazar ” Beautiful art sculpture about something I totally love to do - read! Love the fact this book wasn’t “cut” to sculpt but was.

Book Art – The Mapping Series by Louisa Boyd via Green Chair Press Blog and Palette Graphics.

Cover - Best Cover Magazine - Cartography by Louisa Boyd, via Susan Angebranndt. Best Cover Magazine : – Picture : – Description Cartography by Louisa Boyd, via Susan Angebranndt -Read More –

Head scarf

Alcohol Free Forever

All Things Surface Design-Print-Textiles-Fashion-Costume jewellery-Art-and more.

all my neighbours are trees by Sarah Mitchell - original lino cuts printed with black ink on the press for a slight emboss - printed on soft grey BFK Rives paper and translucent acid free tissue so as you turn the pages the silhouettes get bolder or fade away as the paper layers change. Like walking through the forest in the mist...Signed and numbered at the back, one of an edition of 8

All my neighbours are trees

Sarah Peel All my neighbours are trees Lino cuts on somerset velvet grey paper & acid free tissue, murano slate paper cover, sixteen pages, altered pamphlet stitch binding.