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Art of Farmland: Surreal Photos by Lisa Wood

Art of Farmland: Surreal Photos by Lisa Wood

USA-based photographer Lisa Wood takes beautiful, surreal photographs of farmland landscape pictures that are a blend of reality and abstract.


We‘ll probably never tire of admiring the beautiful effects that long-exposure photography allows us to achieve. Idaho-based photographer Lisa Wood sure knows a

Kilian Schoenberger

Since he has impressed us with his photos from Norway, German photographer Kilian Schonberger comes back with an amazing series mixing beautiful light and const

Tôt un dimanche matin, journal de Montréal

Tôt un dimanche matin, journal de Montréal

Mar en calma

Iceland by Frodi Brinks. Frodi Brinks in his Iceland series presents a dramatic view of the breathtaking nation in black and white. There’s a calming elegance about his images that wash over the viewer like one of Iceland’s waterfalls.

Art of Farmland–Idaho No. 9: Panoramic Abstract of Idaho Barn and wheat fields. (Lisa Wood

Amy Chitwood, of Carmi, Illinois, Rescued After Being Stuck in Mud for a Day

Big City Double Exposure Photographs - My Modern Met

Big City Double Exposure Photographs

multiple exposure photographs, capturing big city life from all over the world, from photographer Doug Keyes VIA HonestlyWTF

Photo by Pacheco #moonrise #photos

A Strawberry Moonrise

Photographer Mizzy Pacheco has an incredible eye for dramatic landscapes that are rich in saturated color and detail. Based in California, Pacheco particul


Photographer Kylli Sparre draws upon her background in dance to create elegant narratives that feel like scenes right out of a dream. The artist uses image

Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама

Photographer Builds 8 Magical, Color-Immersed Sets Over 8 Months - My Modern Metropolis Adrien Broom

snowflake macro photography by Don Komarechka

Stunningly Detailed Macro Photographs of Snowflakes

Canadian photographer Don Komarechka takes stunningly detailed macro photographs of snowflakes.

In these dramatic landscapes, photographer Lisa Wood perfectly blurs the line between reality and abstraction. The series, entitled Art of Farmland, docume