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Why You’re So Tired: Long-Term Caregiving is a New Phenomenon - CareGivers

Senior Care Infographics - Coming Soon! - The Senior Care Specialists | Infographic source: http://www.caring.com/local/assisted-living-facilities/experiences/many-roles-of-the-family-caregiver

Politically Incorrect Caregiver Life Hacks & Journal: Many hats of Family Caregivers

5 Reasons Caregivers Should Stay Socially Involved.  #huntingtonsdisease #caregiversupport

The Connected Caregiver is a Healthy Caregiver: Five reasons caregivers should stay socially involved

7 Stages of Alzheimers Disease InfographicPinned by OTToolkit.com. Treatment plans and patient handouts for the OT working with physical disabilities and geriatrics.. #TreatingDementia

Researchers have shown that clearance of the substance amyloid-beta that forms plaques is impaired in individuals with Alzheimer’s. A group of 12 individuals with early Alzheimer’s were compared to 12 cognitively normal individuals of the

10 Caregiver Confessions Infographic #caregiver #caregiving

I know that this was written for Caregivers of the elderly - but as Caregivers for Special children - including Autism - sometimes this sort of support & understanding is needed too!

Avoid caregiver burnout with these tips! #elderlycarealzheimers

Avoid caregiver burnout with these tips! #elderlycarealzheimers

This is a detailed step-by-step model that shows you how to: (1) Create a unique caregiver "family" from friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances; (2) Answer the question all your concerned neighbors and friends have asked. "How can I help?"; (3) Hold a meeting that will turn a group of ordinary people into a powerful caregiver team; and more! Based on the book, Share the Care.

Caregiving: ShareTheCaregiving™, Inc. - This HandBook is a detailed step-by-step model that shows people how to create a unique caregiver family. A must read!

Can you relate to the silent screams that come with caregiving? Caring for a loved one can be overwhelming. That's why AARP and the Ad Council joined together to shine a light on caregiving and offer resources and information for caregivers. For more information, go to www.aarp.org/caregiving

Powerful PSA from AARP on caregiving. I wonder how many caregivers feel this way?

Infographic: How Caregivers Use the Web #caregiving. How using online resources can make caregiving more manageable.

7 Ways Technology Helps Family Caregivers

Infographic: How Caregivers Use the Web #caregiving. How using online resources can make caregiving more manageable.

Some things simply shouldn't be said.       11 Things You Should Never Say To a Caregiver.

11 Things You Should Never Say To a Caregiver

Caregiving coach Cindy Laverty shares 11 things you shouldn't say to someone who is a caregiver.

Can Ecstasy Erode Memory Like Alzheimer’s?

Researchers have long known that Ecstasy users experience memory loss, but Dutch researchers recently explored whether or not changes in.

Why Music is Critical for Caregivers (Plus Five Playlists to Get You Started)#caregiver #tips

Music can make a huge difference in caregivers’ lives, significantly reducing stress and providing a much-needed opportunity to recharge.