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Poor Kenma, he doesn't have the courage to confess to Kuroo so he understands the girl in the game, while Kuroo is being stupid


Fan art of Nekoma High's Kozume Kenma and Kuro Tetsuro from Haikyuu! Their connection is something to be admired and respected! If you haven't read Haikyuu!

They made Ushijima the selfie-stick! XD || Haikyuu!!

They made Ushijima the selfie-stick! That's most likely why Daichi's face is questioning the camera.

Haikyuu!! ~~ Of course not. Kei NEVER gives a fuck.... that's part of his charm.

the day Tsuki shows that he cares is the day that the world goes to hell in a hand basket XD

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OMG I can just imagine Ushijima lowkey excited, but he never shows it. Then there are the rest of those little shits who couldn't give a fuck or two less