Oh Tommy-Tom-Tom - he's not your prototypical leading man in terms of looks but his talent, sincerity, and kindness makes him quite the winning package.

Tom Hiddleston, British heartthrob, is not just a pretty face. In a recent movie, Hiddleston acts in many nude scenes. When asked why he was ok with that, Hiddleston responded with an amazing answe…

Tom Hiddleston Look at his eyes here OMG

The People Have Spoken: Tom Hiddleston Is The Sexiest Man Alive. Bam, you got Loki'

Love this shot.  Love the ginger hair.  Love those beautiful eyes!

One of his eye colors. That little blue spot makes his eyes gorgeously blue, making that spot green. The wonders of the Hiddles eyes.

Beautiful blue blazer.

Beautiful blue blazer.

I just love movies and stories with broken or fractured characters .. Something about them really draws me in and I feel that there more realistic, and relatable and you really start to feel for that character.. Maybe that's one of the reasons I love The Avengers so much and why Loki is my favorite.

Funny pictures about Marvel villains. Oh, and cool pics about Marvel villains. Also, Marvel villains.

10 Sexy Tom Hiddleston GIFS That Will Make You Fall in Love with Him (Again)

10 Sexy Tom Hiddleston GIFS That Will Make You Fall in Love with Him (Again)

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