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Hysterical!  (Dads record their kids playing, and act out the scenes.)  Do you want a penguin??

I FINALLY FOUND KID SNIPPETS AGAIN! The story of kid snippets is this: Two dads record their kids acting a scene, then they flawlessly reenact it. This episode is about a penguin salesman.

Help Flight of the Conchords raise money for Cure Kids! Donate and Tweet / Post on Facebook!    Now available world wide on iTunes!  http://www.itunes.com/flightoftheconchords    Please donate here: http://www.curekids.org.nz/make-a-donation    Then download here (right click on song, cover art etc):     https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hibz4d5ga7qh93u/qYppoFo...

I love youse guys Flight of the Conchords - Feel Inside (and stuff like that) + Interviews

http://labravabeer.com. No todo en la Costa Brava son turistas al sol de agosto. La gente que quiere y respeta esta tierra, la gente que la vive día a día, l...

Perquè una altra publicitat de cervesa és possible - Cervesa La Brava

We all love dancing. Babies, a bit more than us. This funny & cute compilation of little munchkins grooving to foot-tapping music will make your day! Smiles guaranteed. ‪#‎KidsBerryIN‬

Funny Babies Compilation Videos, Funny Kids Videos May 2016 Babies Taking First Steps and Walking For The First Time, Babies Eating Lemons For The First Time.

Nivea - Stress Protect

Work of Felix & Lamberti agency for Nivea. CREDITS Client: Nivea Agency: Felix & Lamberti, Hamburg, Germany Creative Director, Copywriter: Felix Schulz Art D.

Specsavers Vet - YouTube

A vet finds himself in a high-pressure situation when a routine examination of a cat turns into an emergency.

bride laughing during vows - YouTube

She clearly did not sleep at all the night before lol One of the funniest wedding videos ever :) LOVE the princess bride reference xD

Duracell Star Wars commercial

Started EARLY: Duracell Star Wars Commercial: Battle for Christmas Morning

The AICP - Today's Top Creatives 35 Years From Now Made By Themselves - http://www.theinspiration.com/2015/02/aicp-todays-top-creatives-35-years-now-made/

A Horrifying, Hilarious Look at What Today's Top Creatives Will Look Like in 35 Years


Kids' Wildest Dreams Come True in This Beautifully Imaginative Airline Ad


What an incredibly hard hitting advertisement for Johnnie Walker, made by student film-makers. Great job.

Is This Breathtaking Spec Ad for Johnnie Walker the Best Student Work Ever?

'Dear Brother' - A breathtaking Spec Ad for Johnnie Walker.