✮ ANIME ART ✮awesome picture - little kitty on the table, artist, plant, and of course, the mess. She's got a nice outfit too!

Anime Girl [re]post…  ENJOY! :D

When adapting an anime outfit for RL stockings are a good replacement for tall boots, because thigh high boots just give the wrong impression unless your cosplaying. This look is especially nice with a long jacket on.


Origami Doll / Geisha Girl Art by minercia on deviantART ~ Maria Parrish

I wish this was real and I could pull it off

I was looking for a cute dress idea for today and I found this. I'll have to look for the skirt, belt, and shoes.

#anime women who wear black have the most colorful lives

Me hides various jewels of high value in the folds of her dress. either she's a master smuggler who has a great get rich quick scheme for girls or she's trying to get someone's attention