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Hahaha omg so true...its best played in order for the sake of sanity

For Burn you can tell because of the jingle at the beginning, and for Stay Alive (Reprise) you know because at the beginning, it is a heartbeat sound instead of piano (there’s also no cannon sound). I say this post is bull tbh

The most relatable mcr Lyric is "and though you are dead and gon, believe me, your memory will carry on"

My favorite is "I got your love letters, corrected the grammar and sent them back" <<< Basically, every single FOB lyrics <<<I'm on FIYAAAAAAAAH!

And let's not forget how cute Lauren's is wen he says "well i heard..."

Did we forget: "well iiiiiiii heard, you've got a special someone on the side, burr

tbh i totally sing it this way when my little brothers are in the car xD

When I'm around small youths i say "how does a basketball, orphan, son of a horse and a stop sign"<<<<<breaking news: "Scotsman " is now a swear word

V and Lin are amazing

Lin-manuel-miranda ugly crying as he writes eliza's final moments << Awww Lin it's okay us too

~two cats~ <<was one of them a feral tomcat

And you know Thomas Jefferson is screaming unflattering things at Lin-Manuel from the other side. And Peggy