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Признаемся, когда мы сделали первый футляр для зарядок и наушников для себя, то до сих пор не можем понять одно : И Как мы жили до этого?! #нетспутанным проводам

Cordito cord wrap, on Uncovet. What a great way to travel with cords and earbuds! Make this with scap of leather

Fun to hold a kid's tooth brush!

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By: Rae Friis   Using a sturdy box cutter, cut a “mouth” 2-inches wide into the tennis ball. If you’re making this for a kid, hot glue a set of googly eyes above the mouth. Fill the hollowed ball with loose change and throw into your purse, tote or gym bag as a traveling buddy.  For a more stationary solution, using a nail or knitting needle, poke a hole through your tennis ball, attach a suction cup, and hang it on the wall. Stick keys, change or cards in the mouth so they don’t get lost.

CBeebies loves this cute and craft idea for using and re-purposing old tennis balls as DIY organisers. If your little ones take up tennis this summer, why not have some crafty plans up your sleeve.

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Store Barbie dolls or action figures on the inside of your kid's closet doors (or the outside), in a new shoe organizer. Later on it can store shoes.

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A glow-in-the-dark comet with streamers, fluffy chick, tennis ball cookies, garden decor & many more tennis crafts for your old rackets & balls.

Owl Home Decor from Recycled Disks and Caps by missamerricka

Owl Home Decor from Recycled Disks and Caps by missamerricka

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Morning Mug really understands those of us who need time to wake up in the mornings.    When cold, the mug displays a sleeping face white on black. As you pour in the hot coffee (or tea), the mug awak

I want one of these mugs! Anything that just might make you smile as you drink your morning coffee is a very good thing. :: Wakey Wakey Eggs & Bakey: Morning Mug by Brittany High

Melted Beads and Accessories

Melted Beads and Accessories

DIY Melted Beads Crafts and Accessories are so much fun to make! My girls love making hair accessories and handmade jewelry with them and also they make the cut

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Plastic bag food storage - has anyone tried this? This is a great idea if the plastic bags dont tear from twisting the bottle cap

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