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Aristocats used to be my favorite movie, and this is so cute.

Disney Aristocats quote: "Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them.

An Excited Strawberry


One of my very very favorite quotes(: Mulan. my favorite disney movie EVER!

Mulan...LOL just watched Mulan again...I'm in love with this movie

That awkward moment when you break out in Disney songs.I love Mulan!

This was my favorite movie when I was little. Marie was also my favorite cat.

true story, but one problem.

Speak for yourself,pretty kitty!

Speak for yourself,pretty kitty!

real friends

Real friends will dress in drag and do the hula a distraction while you go kill your crazy uncle.

The number of stripes on Timon’s back alternate between shot from five to six.

This is my best Disney pin EVER!I have spent so much time reading on this site! This isn't a Disney secret. The other stripe is just on his shoulder / back of his arm. If you compare pictures it's pretty obvious.

This week is INK on sytyc…(i know right. ink) but i wanted to make these printables…well..cause i’m OBSESSED with disney…and i printed them all out using my own printer ink. and i made a bazillion there are inspirational ones…  some from walt himself…  some funny ones…(that hunchback one happens to be my husband’s motto) (what’s …

ink week

A girl and a glue gun: ink week


One of my favorite movie quotes!

Hahaha oh Olaf

Funny pictures about Olaf in the little mermaid. Oh, and cool pics about Olaf in the little mermaid. Also, Olaf in the little mermaid.

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Funny Confession Ecard: All things considered, I'd rather be at Walt Disney World.

it's simply the best

Disney Addicts live a much happier life! For all my Disney addicts out there.this is soooooo true!

Disney phone case with all the important lessons we should have learned from watching (:

Greatest. Insult. Ever

Funny pictures about Simply the greatest insult ever. Oh, and cool pics about Simply the greatest insult ever. Also, Simply the greatest insult ever.

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““You’re not a lady! You’re nothing but a sister!