Goudhaantje (Regulus Regulus) een frequent bezoeker van tuinen waar veel naaldbomen staan, het kleinste vogeltje van Europa.

Goldcrest (Regulus Regulus) is a frequent visitor to gardens where many conifers are, the smallest bird in Europe

Zoekkaart stadsvogels, leuk om te doen met kinderen

Zoekkaart stadsvogels, leuk om te doen met kinderen

Real life angry birds

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Madeira Firecrest - Regulus madeirensis - Endemic to the island of Madeira, this very small bird is of the family Regulidae and was once considered to be a subspecies of the (Common) Firecrest, but genetic tests reveal this bird to be a distinct species

Goudhaan - Vogels - Goudhaan foto van Hillebrand Keun 11-11-17

Golden rooster (usually called the golden cock)

The Black Throated Bushtit

Black-throated Bushtit (Aegithalos concinnus), also known as the Black-throated Tit--what beautiful markings!

A puffin bird walks around with a very worried expression  ... but  about what?

Mazzy: "Look at that baby penguin!" Me: "It looks like a penguin but it's actually a bird called a Puffin." Mazzy: "A puffin bird?" Me: "Yep.

♫ Putter - geluid / zang beluisteren.

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