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Jack Ryan and Little Sisters. Awwwwww #Bioshock

In celebration of me beating Bioshock with the good . Bioshock: His Reward -spoiler-

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68.media.tumblr.com f8dcc7723f543bf61be3c40b75d658c9 tumblr_inline_ob6v3dqmZm1qieok6_1280.png

4 years ago when I finished BioShock Infinite, I started this drawing but never had the guts to finish it. after all this time the anniversary of the first BioShock made me go back and finish what i started and finally pay my debt to this amazing

arkatoir: "Miss Elizabeth, we only have so much time." "Please I just, I just need a few more seconds." Pre Burial at Sea, Liz checking on Booker and Anna.

Second Chances by 2TONocean.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Haven’t practiced monochrome in a while! this wasn’t an elaborate facade to draw baby Anna!s Victory. Bioshock Au where Booker is forever stuck t.

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All the main protagonists from the Bioshock games playing Poker, hilarious! Jack Ryan, Delta, Booker DeWitt, and then Booker's daughter Elizabeth/Anna joining them.

Jack to the rescue by Unknowncake.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Jack to the rescue by Unknowncake (Protecting the Little Sisters) -Bioshock

Don't be a friend of Atlas by Shaidis on DeviantArt

Caro Emerald - That man *Paint tool SAI, Adobe Bioshock (c) Irrational Games Don't be a friend of Atlas