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Greys Anatomy #ripderekshephard

Grey's anatomy- so true, I was yelling at the screen when they weren't doing a CT scan on Derek just change years to seasons

25 Funny Greys Anatomy memes #Greys Anatomy #Funny

25 Funny Greys Anatomy memes

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True that!

Thanks to Grey's Anatomy, you have unrealistic expectations about life, love, friendship, and men's hair (McDreamy)

Keep calm and watch Grey's Anatomy.

How can you keep calm where every Season someone us Anatomy fans have come to love very deeply. You tell me how to stay calm while watching Grey's Anatomy, and I will.

21 Confessions From The Biggest “Grey’s Anatomy” Fans On The Internet

21 Confessions From The Biggest "Grey's Anatomy" Fans On The Internet

Grey's Anatomy Problems

Greys Anatomy Problems it's so true I understand. And when I'm at the doctors, and I'm nervous, I imagine all of the doctors as one of the Grey's characters!

[Day 30 - All Time Fav Thing About GA] That fact, and Jessica Capshaw joining the show!!! Actually, the reason I gave GA another chance and start to watch once Again

Grey's Anatomy Problems: Photo I can watch every episode over & over & over & never get tired of it!


Grey's Anatomy Problems When you wash your hands, you often pretend that you're scrubbing in for surgery. Nursing school almost fulfills this need :)