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We've all been there.

Funny pictures about I got exactly the one I wanted. Oh, and cool pics about I got exactly the one I wanted. Also, I got exactly the one I wanted.

Oh gosh. That was a long time ago. Ugh.....

Actually this was one of my favorite childhood shows. I really really loved it, and if I ever saw it on tv id probably still watch it haha:-)

90’s Kids

Makes you miss your childhood like crazy. When was the last time I even had French Toast Crunch?

10 things you have probably done in your life

10 Things That You Have Maybe Done In Your Life. I've done em all & not necessarily as a kid haha

Why I still love my VHS tapes

funny but true. I've always said that the VHS was better than the DVD. They both have their perks but as far as durability VHS is king!~~~~ VHS IS KING!

Yes! OMG

I'm 12 and know all of these and most of the today kids will never I know most of them get you facts straight idiots

YASSSS!!!!!! My brother and I used to share a tv like that upstairs (in addition to the flatscreen downstairs) for years! We had it for atleast 9-10 years

I still watch vhs tapes today, I know how painful it is to wait for them to rewind