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Graphic Design and Poster Movements | Assignment 1 – Poster Design

Graphic Design and Poster Movements

Constructivism Inspired Poster by Yehia Nada. Letter reversal/use of Cyrillic characters, font, angling of everything, colour scheme.

Chinese type design and Asian graphic layouts《二十四节气》-天宇版》

《二十四节气》-天宇版》The 24 Solar Terms of China or 24 Seasonal Division Points.

Typography Examples in Advertising

Meet designer Walter Hansen I like how many of Hansen's illustrations allow the typography to dominate.


AR Interface, layers/separate programs come together to form a cohesive information mapping system. Problem: category of information is too specific to suit one purpose.

SIX // Symbols & Shapes on Behance:

SIX // Symbols & Shapes is a self-initiated project to prepare and develop skills for a very interesting info graphics starting this week.This exercise only had 2 rules:The first being that each symbol could only use 6 elements/marks/shapes and the se…