Andrew Montgomery pallet chair

Once a pallet is used and discarded, no one usually looks past its original purpose to ship goods.

More pallet design DIY ideas and inspiration at Italian designer Andrea Scandella has created an open source series of DIY furniture pieces made from pallets. The collection is called “Pallet Room” & keen home DIY advocates can download the plans, then get their hands on an old shipping pallet & simple tools to construct a set of chairs, a small book shelf or desk from illustrated instructions.

DIY Italian design (open-source) for furniture made from pallets. Pallet Room chair by Andrea Scandella

1001 Pallets, Recycled wood pallet ideas, DIY pallet Projects ! - Part 29

Used two pallets to make this library. I dissembled and sanded the pallet to find beautiful maple wood! ++ More information at DeBois website ! Idea sent by William Dumais !

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Duck House made from pallets -I was thinking something more predator proof but this is a good jumping off point!

Pallet trunk -  don't know where we'd get the metal pieces, but this is very cool

Awww a pallet trunk! Maybe a good chest or an blanket box thing called an outtoman but idk how to spell it

Garden chair made from pallets

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horizontal slatted stair wall -- speaks to log wall opposite but also keeps it open...?

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