ATC size tile, tangled with Mooka ~ by Melissa Hoopes, CZT ~ #CertifiedZentangleTeacher

Official Zentangle Artist Trading Card, tangled with Mooka and a bit of Flux ~ by Melissa Hoopes, Certified Zentangle Teacher

Inapod Spiralation  |  Shelly Beauch:  Step Out

Carole Ohl& inapod is a favourite tangle, it can squeeze into many spaces or flow out and escape. I have had a few requests for ZIA ste.


Antonine Tangles: Diva Challenge Spiral String, Mooka and That's New To Me "O"

Shelly Beauch: A Bunching of Brown Buds  I can stare at this forever to study the patterns and lighting.

zentangle art by Michele Beauchamp, Certified Zentangle Teacher CZT patterns