Explore Cupcake Centerpieces and more!

Chef / Kitchen themed cupcakes

Here are some kitchen themed cupcakes – hand crafted little kitchen / chef bits and bobs. Loved making these, even the sausage and chips ;

Wedding cupcakes

this would go with the shower theme! Diamond Wedding Ring - Shower Cupcake Cake-cute (and def for classy than the *ahem* other style of cake)

Make your own lacy cupcake wraps using doilies-they come in more colors than white!  Get a free cupcake wrap template too. www.itswrittenonthewall.com

It's Written on the Wall: Cupcake High Heels, Ironing Board in a Drawer, DIY Produce Bags, A Chandelier, 20 Smoothie Recipes Plus.

Flower pot of cupcakes

Just get a regular flowerpot, paint it, put a styrofoam ball inside with toothpicks sticking out, and put small-medium cupcakes on the end to make a cupcake bouquet. I'm having a baby shower idea and this is just perfect!