dtxmcclain: “ "Could your bathroom look like this?" Formica, 1953 ”


1952 Formica Bathroom This turquoise, yellow, gray, and chartreuse bathroom was published inAmerican Home.

1958 Kroehler furniture

Vintage Kroehler Furniture Ad Mid Century Modern Sectional Couch Dining Room Bedroom Furniture 1958 Advertising Display or Crafting

vintage bathroom vanity

Decorating a 1960s kitchen - 21 photos with even more ideas from 1962 kitchens

Slanted cabinets are just awesome looking.  And there are those cute knobs again that I love so much.

Chris and Angela's 1964 mid-century modern ranch - 18 photos

1950s bathroom - Google Search

Women's Wear Austrailia 1951 In the Oakland area, we have no shortage of funky, cool mid-century bathrooms.

Boomerang patroon

design-is-fine: “ Formica in the kitchen, Samples, late Including the Formica boomerang pattern for countertops.

At Home with Mike Knoll and Jeff Daily. Pinned by Secret Design Studio, Melbourne. www.secretdesignstudio.com

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