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What would life be like if you could choose between 2 completely different experiences of reality in every moment? Just like Neo in “The Matrix” choosing between the red pill or the blue pill; Imagine if each choice moved you into a different consciousness or reality. How would you choose between the two? How would you discern which “reality” you were focused on in any given moment? By Guest Writer Lisa Young

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.

Goodness and Experiencing God ~ Dean Jackson

REIKI - Energetic balance within our body, mind, spirit, emotions and energy fields fosters health, wholeness and healing.

I love the flow and energy of this series by digital artist Federico Bebber. The swirling lines go perfectly with the graceful models, while the use of black and white helps to keep the focus on the form and shapes of the images without being distracted by color.via [who designed it]

Light and Magic (5 photos)

Quantum Physics - All matter is merely Energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all Consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. Life is only a Dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves .


Your energetic field is in a state of change and expansion. You have begun to vibrate at higher levels as your consciousness moves more in alignment with your Higher Self.

Scorpio is the only sign that has three animal totems. First, there is the Scorpion with its sting. Second, as the Scorpio learns to master its passion and hold its instincts at bay, it becomes the Eagle. The Eagle which flies high above the surface of circumstances, swooping down with its power only to kill prey for food. In its third form, Scorpio becomes the peaceful Dove. Scorpio transforms the painful poisons of possessive passion into a higher consciousness based on Universal love.

White ring neck doves can barely fly more than a mile but white homing pigeons can find their way home from distances of more than 500 miles. The birds are used to relay messages in war, and are a symbol of

Doorway to another realm.

Michal Karcz was born in 1977 in Warsaw, Poland. In he graduated from the High School of Art in Warsaw and then from Advertising School. Karcz often drapes his photos with a haunting fog,


Your Quantum Mind in Action - Rebel Brown "It's All in Your Mind - Learn why your mindis a quantum computer, defining your unique reality." Quantum Theory and The Law of Attraction