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'300' Movie Stills. low key lighting lots of reflection off walls and actors is created

Movie Stills: Photo Gerard Butler stars as King Leonidas in the upcoming epic film which tells the story of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas and 300 Spartans…

300 movie

Lil dude leave me alone, you look strong but I'm stronger than you

300 Movie Illustration by Ben Herrara

tThis is a movie illustration from the movie 300

300 / Many great battle scenes.  300 Spartans kick Xerxes' army's ass.  Alas, just too many of them.

300 / Many great battle scenes. Alas, just too many of them.

Spartan sleeve

Spartan sleeve



Anche se è un fotogramma di un film l'atteggiamento combattivo è simile a quello ritratto negli affreschi e sui vasi presenti in questa bacheca.

Michael Fassbender as Stelios - 300

Troy (2004) - Movie Still

A life on screen Brad Pitt

ageofrogues: “I REGRET NOTHING!! In a Lords of the Underworld mood since I started reading Gena Showalter’s series… *coughagaincough* *coughfortheumteenthtimecough*. I couldn’t resist XD Order is based on the acronym “Warrior’s Life”, not on the...

The 300 Spartans.

Art Wallpaper, 300 spartans, battle, war, weapons

10 Legendary Warrior Cultures of Ancient History

Life Motivation, Man Stuff, Men Stuff

pictures from 300 the movie | 300 Movie Wallpaper | 300-8 - Standard

Retro Brit: King Xerxes I of Persia - His Dreadful Murder and Intrigue

300, Directed by Zack Snyder, 2007. Starring Gerard Butler & Lena Headey

Directed by Zack Snyder, Starring Gerard Butler & Lena Headey

entrenamiento espartano

Our ancestors built this wall using ancient stones from the bosom of Greece herself. And with a little Spartan help, your Persian scouts supplied the mortar.

300 Wallpaper and Background

King Leonidas. The spartan wallpaper I love the most.

The spartan wallpaper I love the most.