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Magic Shield Dark Elves, or Druchii in Eltharin, are the dark cousins of the High Elves…

af0378c22ffe4ecc7a1e72d043f1e2a6.jpg 2,088×1,773 pixels

af0378c22ffe4ecc7a1e72d043f1e2a6.jpg 2,088×1,773 pixels

Shield of Souls, Aylith's shield.

While wielding this shield, you and everyone in a cone behind you is treated as though they made the save against any fire damage if they did not make the save

Helm - "Demonhelm" A full helmet shaped to resemble a demon. Adds a bonus to all of the wearer's saves against magic and enables him to cast spells 5 levels above current skill level.

Godslayer Orandi by on @DeviantArt

FOR SALE Made for This was the first time my own sword wanted to slay me!