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1967 - Denis Borel /Claude Ballot-Léna Mike Spence/Phil Hill (Chaparral Matra-Djet Lorenzo Bandini / Chris Amon Mike Parkes / Ludovico Scarfiotti Porsche 906 - Monza 1000 Km

Historic Monza Banking

I haven’t been able to confirm this anywhere online – which is surprising given the number of ‘Save the Banking’ sites and petitions that exist online – but Vintage Ra…

Le Mans, el accidente del AUDI 3 hace dos ediciones.

Allan McNish, Le Mans 2011 (yes, he walked away from this shunt)

La Chaparral http://www.italiaonroad.it/2017/02/02/la-chaparral/

La Chaparral

#Targa #Florio 1971 #targaflorio #alotslot

1971 Targa Florio, with the Lancia Fulvia HF, Renault Alpine and # 47 Porsche 911 S in close pursuit.

Le Mans (1970)

Le Mans (1970)

Chaparral 2F

Phil Hill / Hap Sharp Chaparral Coupe during the 1967 Targa Florio

Chaparral 1-8

Chaparral 1 (s/n driven by Troutman/Barnes at Sebring 12 Hours in 1963

Spa-Francorchamps 1968_Virage de Burnenville. Hulme leader sur Mc Laren devant Stewart sur Matra.

, look at people and sides of the circuit, Denis Hulme & Jackie Stewart at Spa 1968 GP Belgium

Pedro Rodriguez et Chris Amon

Pedro Rodriguez et Chris Amon