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The Sacerdotus Intelligencer 05.  10.  2013

Yep, to many, a tree is more imlortant than a life, sadly.

Just intolerant of murder.

Pro-life & pro all other choices available, but NOT in favor of the choice of taking an innocent life as a form of birth-control. BTW, if you can read this then your mother was pro-life.

"I don't want the burden"  "But wait, didn't you indulge? So take the consequences for your actions. Your mother did..."

This root cause of abortion is true. That most people who have abortions only think about themselves and not the little defenseless life inside of them.

See life with the eyes of a child. Eye color is determined long before birth! #prolife

The color of this child's eyes determined 9 months before this picture was taken, at the beginning of life. End Abortion


True is not knowing when to take a life, but to spare one.

Yes, this.

Rape is something that we wish never happened - there is no choice in rape. Rebekah Berg tells her story.