Basic Yellow Butter Cake Recipe

Yellow Butter Cake

Old Fashioned Butter Cake {100 year old treasure from 1910 McCall's cookbook} - It is a surprisingly delicious cake!

Old Fashioned Butter Cake - This beautiful cake recipe is a 100 year old treasure and a keeper! Reeni of Cinnamon Girl discovered this recipe in an old McCall's cookbook published in and she too fell in love with this fluffy, moist, easy-to-prepare cake.

One-Bowl Yellow Cake (100 year old recipe) so moist and easy

Made this for my husband's birthday with a maple buttercream icing- excellent cake recipe and oh so simple! Made a very dense, moist cake. The Best . One-Bowl Yellow Cake ! An Old-Fashioned recipe published 100 years ago.

Perfected Yellow Cake ~ The fluffiest, most delicious yellow cake ever... The Best!

Best Homemade Yellow Cake Recipe Ever

Perfect Yellow Cake - added maybe cup extra sour cream, then a box of cheesecake instant pudding mix and folded in a bag of milk chocolate chips for what we call "small group cake" (because my church small group loves it so much!

The Best Yellow Cake Recipe, Homemade from Scratch

The Best Yellow Cake Recipe, Homemade from Scratch

The Best Yellow Cake Recipe, Homemade from Scratch - a moist, delicious, beautifully textured cake, paired in a classic combination with chocolate frosting. My note *This one has Buttermilk and it does in fact make a moister cake.

How to Make Yellow Butter Cake From Scratch

Butter Cake Recipe - The Best Yellow Cake From Scratch This is my most popular pin ever on my great recipes board. and it was absolutely delicious: moist and flavorful. Paired with a simple chocolate frosting, well worth the hype!