cr-perlas,pompas y gemas

Pearl, Bubble, and Gem Tutorial by ~SKTAF on deviantART. Lovely little tutorial. Because pearls, bubbles, and gemstones are always awesome.

How to Draw - Study: Clothes, Wrinkles and Folds for Comic / Manga Panel Design Reference clothes folds

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process not necessarily watercolor, but still an important painting technique to remember- I forget simple process techniques all the time!


Create scroll painting drawing resource tool how to tutorial instructions…


Anatomy basic shapes - most people know of these simple drawing rules. But when you are having fun drawing you somehow ignore them, or maybe thats just me? Anyways, i beleive using them more consistently would improve my drawings a lot!


Snow Mountain Tutorial and Steps by AlexTooth on deviantART painting tips for landscape art and fantasy scenes


Eyes Digital Art Tutorial Step by Step -I don't do much digital art myself, but find the techniques interesting.

Made a tutorial yesterday on tumblr about how I approach painting gold digitally. Thought I might as well share it here on dA as well. you can find more mini-tutorials from me on my tumblr blog

Tutorial: Painting Gold by FOERVRAENGD on DeviantArt. This is a helpful tutorial for when I colour the few golden bits on my character.