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Journey's end by Ho Fan

Journey's end by Ho Fan-Award-wining photographer Fan Ho. He is also an acclaimed Hong Kong film director.

'Evening Ferry' - 1958 -

Featured Curator: Liam Graham [cannery-row] Fan Ho (b. is one of China’s most beloved and celebrated street photographers. Born in Shanghai and raised in Hong Kong, Ho began exploring and.

Hong Kong Junk

thetravelsofching: “Pan Am’s China Clipper soars over an old Chinese junk near Hong Kong Harbor, 1937 (International News Photo) ” Flyingboatporn.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Fan Ho, Part II: Street Scenes in Dreamy Colour 1954-2004

Photographs of old Hong Kong from Legendary Chinese photographer, Fan Ho.

Capturing the spirit of a person and their culture is one of the greatest challenges facing any photographer, but few have faced the difficulties of Fan Ho. The people he shot in this series of 1950s Hong Kong street photography were from a much different time, and wary of Fan Ho’s work and motives. “With…

1950s Hong Kong Street Photography from Fan Ho

Hong Kong Street Photography from Fan Ho - Cube Breaker

Hong Kong photographer from 1960s Ho Fan 何藩. Beautiful stuff!

Award-wining photographer Fan Ho has won 280 awards from international exhibitions and competitions worldwide since Fan Ho was born .