Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany, April 2014, Opulenz À La Marie Antoinette & Kopfarbeit

Maja, Codie, Auguste, Hanne, Irina & Nastya by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi for Vogue Germany April 2014 4

#Rebecasaray has a special style for portraits

Baroque Fashion and Art Stunning, so gorgeous and perfect blend of colors both which are in my favs

How about a modern Marie Antoinette look? Is all about pastels and candy shades.

18th Century France, the era of Marie Antoinette for example, was glimmering and exploding with romantic Rococo style glamour and lavish ornamentation.

Lush Magazine fall issue “Marie Antoinette” photography by Bernard Tartinville

exercicedestyle: “  Furne One ”

mikapoka: Marie Antoinette like a geisha return photos by Tina Patni for LA FEMME magazine Furne Amato

Lensed by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany, April 2014

The Terrier and Lobster: "Opulence à la Marie Antoinette": Meghan Collison, Sophie Touchet, Steffi Soede, Xiao Wen, Holly Rose Emery & Codie Young in Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda by Daniele Duella & Iango Henzi & Luigi Murenu for Vogue Germany April 2014

Hair/Fantasy- the outlandish take on an already extravagant period for hair. Also, the use of non-traditional color to create cheek shadow.

For the new French luxury magazine AESTUS, the photographer Vincent Alvarez presents an elegant hymn to Marie-Antoinette. The famous last Queen of France is

Once upon in a Fairytale: Inspiration. Marie Antoinette by Vincent Alvarez for Aestus Magazine

Cool Chic Style Fashion: Editorials | Opulenz À La Marie Antoinette: Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany April 2014

"Opulenz a la Marie Antoinette" by Luigi and Daniele + Iango for Vogue Germany April 2014

“Powdery Flower" photographed by Koo Bon Chang for Vogue Korea January 2014

Powdered Pastels: “Powdery Flower" photographed by Koo Bon Chang for Vogue Korea January 2014

An angel gone yet his work lives on isn't God so beautiful, that demons ca't over power such a force, so I smile at detail of such wonderful amazing art, he was taken yet eternal love we have for him. copy by Deborah A. White

avant garde couture fashion art work from paper craft fairytale Snow Queen paper dress