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black on black crime statistics 2014 - Google Search

The truth isn't racist, it's just the truth, how true. ALL LIVES MATTER!


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 72 Pics (people say this about Obama phones.

Hmm. You don't suppose....

Another VERY suspicious Clinton death.a death which benefited their political careers and kept them controversy free.

Liberal Logic: In Africa, some idiot shoots a lion and it's the shooter's fault...In America, one person shoots another and it's the guns fault.

Truth untold, it's a liberal problem. ~ RADICAL Rational Americans Defending Individual Choice And Liberty

Selective Memory, for Some...

“Trump was given the Ellis Island Award for contributing to the conditions of inner city black youth alongside Muhammad Ali & Rosa Parks

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"tell me & I forget, teach me & I remember, involve me & I learn" -Benjamin Franklin.

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